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Retirement Plan Consulting

Ready for a second opinion on your retirement plan offering?

Does your retirement plan offering hold up against your competition? Are you sure you are continually compliant with ever changing rules and laws?

Maybe it is time to have your plan evaluated by an experienced team of retirement plan consultants.

We offer a second opinion service that will provide an evaluation of your current plan, including, stress points in compliance and competitive advantage. A competitive retirement plan offering has the power to attract the highest quality talent and keep it.1 We can help you feel confident that your company stands out against your competitors.

Integrated Wealth can help make sure that your company has a comprehensive and compliant retirement plan.

Offering your employees a retirement plan is one way to attract and retain high-quality employees while allowing employees to set aside significant portions of earnings each year into tax deferred savings. Potential employees often weigh benefit offerings as part of their entire compensation package when deciding on future employment.

The drawback is that sponsoring a retirement plan is time-consuming, complicated, and makes you legally responsible as the plan's fiduciary. Under ERISA rules, plan fiduciaries must act as prudent experts, meaning you must exercise a high standard of care when it comes to selecting service providers, choosing investments, and administering the plan. If you didn't have to do any of that, offering a retirement plan would be a lot easier and less overwhelming.

As retirement plan consultants we can assist you in: 

1. Developing the appropriate plan for you and your employees.

2. Managing compliance issues.

3. Selecting third party providers, like a record keeper or custodian.

4. Selecting and monitoring the plan's mutual fund and investment selection.

5. Increasing the level of fiduciary care for you, your plan, and your employees with 3(38) Investment Managers.


3(38) Investment Management

Often the responsibility of managing a company's retirement plan falls to the owner who acts as the investment manager. We understand that you are not a professional investment manager, nor do you have the time to become one with your daily responsibilities as a business owner. Using a 3(38) fiduciary investment manager can relieve the burden of managing your business's retirement plan investment options, mitigate risk to your business, and dramatically reduce the work and cost of offering a retirement plan. Outsourced investment management can be obtained at very little cost to a plan and that cost is easily offset by the additional savings that can be obtained on investments.

The 3(38) Investment Manager role is one of the three primary fiduciary roles. An effective investment manager will make sure that investment lineups are cost-effective, prudent, diversified, and competitive. 

What is a 3(38) Investment Manager?

A 3(38) Investment Manager is a codified investment fiduciary on a retirement plan as defined by ERISA section 3(38). The 3(38) is responsible for selecting, managing, monitoring, and benchmarking the investment offerings of your business's plan. In some plans, but not in participant directed plans, a 3(38) also has discretionary authority to direct the investment of funds. Generally speaking, a 3(38) Investment Manager's responsibilities for participant directed plans include:

  • Creating and managing the investment policy statement.
  • Forming an investment committee.
  • Holding investment committee meetings.
  • Prudently selecting plan investment options.
  • Regularly reporting on plan investments.
  • Benchmarking investments.
  • Replacing funds and updating models as needed.

The Role of a Retirement Plan Consultant

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